Press Release – 30 Sept 2017 – Unaudited Accounts

Chow Group Ltd (CGL) the NZAX listed property Company has announced it’s profit to 30th September 2017.

Mr John Chow, Chairman of Chow Group Ltd., said “We have continued to increase earnings for each of the four accounting periods that we have been listed. We have a policy of revaluing properties annually at 31 st March. This moves the value of the assets to market value at that date. The report shows that revenue has increased 9% on the same period as last year and that profit is up a very pleasing 150% YOY. The Board has decided that there will be no dividend declared as the large number of small shareholders means that the amount of the dividend is too small to be of significance to each shareholder.”

Mr Chow said “we are very pleased with the performance since listing up to 30-9-17. We will continue to work on improvements for the business. We have a number of opportunities being presented to us currently and we will advise as soon as any transaction is completed

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